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Mission Statement

To satisfy clients' legal needs quickly, proficiently, flexibly, and economically by listening carefully, questioning thoughtfully, researching thoroughly, moving pro-actively, and seeking justice as a creative problem-solver, ever watchful for win-win strategies and solutions.

This commitment coupled with long hours of hard work is the foundation upon which this Elder law office has been and will continue to be built.

Core Ideology

Core Ideology

Flexibility: Preventative law is more effective, less stressful, and less costly than emergency approaches to legal problems. This Shavertown Estate Planning Attorney will focus on addressing problems proactively rather than reactively, while negotiating from a win-win perspective. However, Plan B, or resorting to the big stick in litigation, remains a viable option to deal with unexpected calamities and hard-ball tactics when win-win methodologies are rejected by the other side in problem solving attempts.

Teamwork: We work interdependently with our clients: keeping them informed of their options, assisting in problem solving, and facilitating satisfactory conclusions both in and out of court. We are committed to helping each client achieve justice and success whether it is in consummating a transaction, settling a dispute, or resolving uncertainties in business or personal life.

Understanding: Adversarial posturing can be gradually retired when each side works to understand and accommodate the legitimate needs of the other side. We seek to establish mutually beneficial relations with others in the legal community. This approach creates long-term value, minimizes distrust and opportunism, and improves quality of life for everyone. Experience shows that a broader and deeper understanding ultimately cools destructive energies, providing opportunities for personal growth while pursuing justice.

Improvement: Litigiousness, contentiousness, vengeance, anger, and blame are part of ordinary human experience. Defensiveness and active hostilities can dominate awareness in court, in lawyers' offices, and in communications with opposing parties. The best Elder Law Attorneys in Wilkes Barre work to disentangle the web of blame that binds people to ignorance and negativity, permitting insight and personal freedom to prevail.

Responsibility: Individuals play many roles that are defined, moment by moment. Personal decisions carry consequences. Justice is often about individuals acknowledging their own responsibility for those decisions with life as the teacher. Everyone is benefited from learning the lessons from decisions and adopted roles.

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